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Keep an eye on your growing, precious DVD collection!
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Dave & Kay

DVD Collector is simple yet powerful software that can keep organized your movie/music DVD collection, specyfing all the related information that you can imagine, and a lot more.
The information that you can add in brief is:
* General info: Title, Edition, Case, Rating, Studio, Distributor, Genre, Sort Name, Barcode, Release date, Region, Country, Description...
* Discs info (1 page per disc): Name, sort name, layers, format, runtime, aspect...
* Images, easter eggs, awards, own rating...
* ...and even more!

One of the greatest features of DVD Collector is the Loan Feature. After you add a new DVD to your collection, you can loan it to someone, specifying the following fields: loan date, loaned to and notes. After your DVD returns to your hands, you register the event with a simple click, and presto!, the DVD that you missed so much is now back in your collection.
There is more great features in this program, missing in most of similar programs I've seen around, like a Purchase Manager (with Order, Shipping and Receive date, price paid, RRP, store...) and the ability to import/export data from/to your collection.

Review summary


  • The loan manager is simple yet great!


  • SO MANY fields!! Although most of them are optional...but not recommended for lazy people
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